Final Fantasy Type-0 Is PSP’s Next Big Thing

Square Enix has opened the information floodgates for Final Fantasy Type-0, a PSP game that it will release this summer in Japan.

A massive new website for the role-playing game features information on the characters, setting and gameplay, plus the lengthy new trailer shown above. The Andriasang blog has lots of translated details from the site and from a Dengeki magazine article, in which it is revealed that the cute, cuddly Moogles will make an appearance in Type-0. Only now, Moogle stands for “Military Operation Organization Guidance/Logistics Expert.” Of course it does.

Final Fantasy Type-0 has had a long, long development cycle: It was first announced way back at E3 2006 as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. In the intervening 5 years, Square Enix changed its platform from mobile phones to PSP and gave it a new, unique title so that it could become a series on its own instead of a spinoff to Final Fantasy XIII, which got a mixed reception from fans.

I’m not quite sure what to think about Type-0; on the one hand I tend to routinely get too excited about Final Fantasy games only to end up disappointed, but on the other hand I really like Moogles.

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