me and mark dymond like to play pokemon

Recently me and my friend mark have been playing pokemon for fun and so that drew will actually do something with us. Amber (mark’s girl friend) and me like to make fun of this but mark hates being refered to as playing pokemon bc he cant laugh at himself. So im doing this to piss him off.

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Nintendo Didn’t Expect 3DS Sales to Drop Like This

Nintendo was caught unawares by surprisingly slow sales of the 3DS, the company said Tuesday.

“Nintendo 3DS has not been selling as expected since the second week [of availability in the United States and Europe], and this is not just in the Japanese market but also in the United States and Europe, where no direct impact from the great earthquake has occurred,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said during an investor briefing in Tokyo. “Therefore, we recognize that we are in a situation where we need to step up our efforts to further promote the spread of Nintendo 3DS.”

Nintendo launched the 3DS, which features a glasses-free 3-D display, in February in Japan, and in March in the rest of the world. At $250, it is by far the most-expensive handheld the company has ever released.

The company said Monday it had sold 3.6 million units of 3DS worldwide through the end of March and expects to sell 16 million units of the device over the next year.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said in an e-mail to that Nintendo needs to release better 3DS games or lower the price of the device.

“I think this could change if some compelling software comes out, but I am frankly surprised at the tepid reaction” consumers have had to the new handheld, he said. “I truly thought that the fanboys would snap these up at any price” based purely on the 3-D graphics, he said, although he now thinks the new technology is insufficient to justify the $250 tag.

Iwata acknowledged that impressing consumers with the 3DS’ array of features has been difficult. It is a challenge to get users to understand the appeal of the screen even when they get their hands on a unit, since improper positioning of the adjustable 3-D slider might cause them to not see the image properly. Iwata also said that not all Nintendo 3DS owners have been using onboard software like StreetPass Mii Plaza.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 Is PSP’s Next Big Thing

Square Enix has opened the information floodgates for Final Fantasy Type-0, a PSP game that it will release this summer in Japan.

A massive new website for the role-playing game features information on the characters, setting and gameplay, plus the lengthy new trailer shown above. The Andriasang blog has lots of translated details from the site and from a Dengeki magazine article, in which it is revealed that the cute, cuddly Moogles will make an appearance in Type-0. Only now, Moogle stands for “Military Operation Organization Guidance/Logistics Expert.” Of course it does.

Final Fantasy Type-0 has had a long, long development cycle: It was first announced way back at E3 2006 as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. In the intervening 5 years, Square Enix changed its platform from mobile phones to PSP and gave it a new, unique title so that it could become a series on its own instead of a spinoff to Final Fantasy XIII, which got a mixed reception from fans.

I’m not quite sure what to think about Type-0; on the one hand I tend to routinely get too excited about Final Fantasy games only to end up disappointed, but on the other hand I really like Moogles.

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Best Video Game Franchise

Halo is a video game franchise that has had a lot of success, with the recent addition Halo 3
From the always-classic Mario Brothers and Zelda series to the more recent Grand Theft Auto and Halo franchises, lots of video games grab our attention and stick around for years, with sequel after sequel. And then there are the God-awful games that have also had the privilege of being reincarnated (and never should have).

There are also some fantastic games that are deserving of a sequel and haven’t had one yet, such as Psychonauts and Final Fantasy Tactics.

With the holidays upon us, every good (or bad) little gamer has some new video game on their wish list, and there’s probably a sequel on there somewhere.

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PSN down due to modified custom firmware and credit card scam

As if speculations of why Sony’s online service PlayStation Network hadn’t reached pointless levels, here’s another one for you. According to moderator chesh420, the outage occurred due to Rebug, a CFW (or custom firmware) that basically turns your retail PS3 to a dev console, giving you virtually the same access to PSN as any developer today has.

Apparently, by manipulating Rebug a fair amount, you could enter a fake credit card number and since you’re now on Sony’s private PSN for developers, it wouldn’t check if that info was correct or not, leaving the entire PSN exposed for downloading content by the masses.

While that is a big issue for Sony, who’s hopefully rebuilding PSN to be more secure in the future, let your fears be put to rest of the fact that any sensible information you might have entered through your PSN account, such as credit card numbers, are not at risk at this time.

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facebook happy birthdays

My birthday was yesterday and i wasn’t on the computer at all. So to my surprise when i went on today i found i had 21 wall post of happy birthday (for those who didn’t have my cell) and saddly i have no clue who half of them are. And the other half I don’t talk to so i dont know why people bother saying happy birthday to you if you don’t talk to them.

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craig’s list

Craig’s list a good place to sell stuff or buy stuff. But it is also a good place to sell crap to idiots or get scammed. Recently i did a test to see how stupid people are buy selling a broken ps3 to someone as working. the seller brought a tv to a bowling ally to test it (since i dont go to houses to be killed and he tested it and didn’t even notice that the dvd drive doesn’t even work. even when he put a game in.

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